1. Jackie Nelson

    There is couple of things I would like to know about. I would like to know about your pantry and my son and I are out of money and food and we need help. Also I have been looking for a new church that I can attend and would like to know all your church teachings.

    1. Post
      Living Word

      Hi Jackie,

      We have food pantry handout every 3rd Thursday Once a Month. If you need a food box right away contact Mr. Kennie Cuckler at (402) 699-1919. Our main services are Sunday’s at 10 AM and Wednesdays at 7PM. We would be more than glad to have you come out :D. Our Pastors Jackie & Ken would be glad to answer any of your questions as well about our teachings or you can visit for more information on our teachings.

      God Bless You,
      Living Word FCF

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